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Sunday, July 24, 2011


One of my biggest regrets is that I have still not managed to visit the Taj Mahal. JJH2WKEJSWDE
I feel terribly embarrassed when I travel around and meet people who have seen the Taj and they make a face when they hear I have still not seen the most popular tourist destination in India. Agreed that it does not take much to go and see the monument which is just a few hours drive from Delhi where I go several times; but I have now started to believe that there is some kind of a jinx associated with my visit to the Taj.

In the past, I had made all arrangements to visit Agra not once, but thrice. On two occasions, the booking amounts were refunded due to last minute cancellations by the organizers and on the third occasion when I had planned to go independently, I ended up loosing all the money paid for a two night stay in a room overlooking the Taj. Anyways, I have now rationalized this jinx as a trip I am not destined to undertake yet! And I also believe that longer the wait, sweeter would be the experience!


  1. You have to make a trip to Agra next time you are here. Winter is a good time to go..we could plan ICD then ;)

  2. Agra is jinxed in any case, don't wish to jinx ICD too by clubbing them ;)

  3. Lol it is jinxed truely with your experience, i had been during emergency time 1977 along with my parents, it too was jinxed with tight security