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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chapel in the Hills

At the foot of the Black Hills in Rapid City, South Dakota stands a beautiful place of worship, simply called Chapel in the Hills. It is a replica of the Borgund Stavkirke of Norway with Stave architecture and built with fir wood. Inside the chapel, there is not much room to accommodate large congregations but we were told that the chapel does conduct evening services and weddings. The lush green lawns surrounding the chapel were impeccably maintained. I have always heard that the physical environment can influence one’s state of mind. At the Chapel in the Hills, I truly experienced what serenity of a place could do to a tired mind. In such a place, one can feel nothing but peaceful. Sitting quietly on a bench outside, I was trying to take in the calmness of the place and breathing softly so as to not disturb the stillness around. Just then, I heard the chapel bell ringing and echoing through the Black Hills.


  1. very nice- u really created a picture in front of me- i almost spent an hr to read all ur blogs-khup khup chan-keep it up

  2. Santosh, thanks for your encouragement. Please come again and read my newer posts. I have a huge backlog, so am planning to write regularly.