Welcome to this travel blog which is inspired by the wandering clouds effortlessly gliding through distant lands. Sometimes almost still as if watching the beauty of the earth below and at times rushing to some place far away – as if on an endless travel mission. This is where I share my observations, experiences and thoughts gathered during my travels

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coorg - the inspiration

This blog came into existence soon after our last trip to Coorg. Due to heavy work schedules, we were unable to take a long vacation last summer and therefore we decided to drive to Coorg for a few days to get some quiet relaxed time. We had booked a hotel in Coorg and had even made an advance payment but due to some mistake made by the booking clerk, our booking did not show on their record. Fortunately, the hotel had another resort, a better and more expensive one and at a better location; so to correct their goof-up, they put us up in the best suite at this brand new resort. The suite was very large, perched exclusively on the top with plush and luxurious interiors. We could not have asked for more and were in our hearts thanking the clerk for the goof-up.

Although we had not planned to, we made trips to usual places like the Raja’s Seat overlooking the valley and the Abbey Falls. But the place which offers the best view is Tala Cauvery located in Brahmagiri hills where river Cauvery originates. The pathway next to the temple leads towards the stairs and although the climb appears daunting, it is worth going up to the top. On cloudy days, the pinnacle gets surrounded by thick white fluffy clouds and one can actually feel the moisture brought by the clouds. On clear days one can see the distant mountain ranges. We stopped on our way back at Bhagamandalam- confluence of rivers Cauvery, Kuniki and Sujyothi for a short break.
Abbey Falls

From Raja's  Seat

But the best part of this visit to Coorg was lazing in the verandah and watching the clouds drift over the verdant hills like an empty boat floating over the river. That’s when I realized that a traveler should be like clouds – drift, wander, glide and float - be prepared to get carried away with winds and current or sometimes just hang there and watch patiently. That’s when I decided the name for this blog and that’s when my profile picture was taken. Coorg will remain special for many reasons.                            


  1. Now i understand gensis of your blog....what about other spots in coorg, seems to be a short trip

  2. The Dubare elephant camp is another interesting place there.
    Yes, Coorg is a great place to relax. :)

  3. @Deguide - did visit all the must-see spots in Coorg, but what has stayed with me about this trip is just sitting on the verandah and see the clouds drift.
    @Indrani - Yes, Dubare is a great place to visit. Will have a dedicated post on it soon.